Off Site Shredding in Nashville

If you are looking for a paper shredding solution that is highly secure and low-cost, then offsite shredding is a great solution. Uniformed security professionals pick up documents from anywhere in Nashville and transport them to a secure shredding plant in locked trucks. 

At the plant, they are shredded in an industrial strength shredder. The shreds are compacted and sent to a local Tennessee paper mill to be pulped down and recycled into new paper. You receive a certificate of destruction verifying the proper and complete destruction of your items.

offsite paper shredding in Nashville
The shredders at secure plants destroy over 20,000 pounds of paper every hour. They are fed via forklifts to keep up with their appetite. The size of the equipment leads to a scale of efficiency that only a plant can achieve.
Offsite shredding complies with all federal and Tennessee privacy laws—this includes HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, and HITECH.

Off Site Shredding in Nashville

STEP 1 - Shredding is picked up at your location.

STEP 2 - The paper is locked in a truck and transported to the plant.

STEP 3 - The paper is shredded by the box full at the plant.

STEP 4 - Shredded paper is compacted and recycled and you get a certificate of destruction.

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