Nashville Mobile Shredding

If you prefer to watch your documents being shredded then onsite shredding is for you.

With mobile shred trucks, you get the convenience of paper shredding right at your curbside. A shredding truck is self-contained and can operate without any outside power source. They shred in an hour what it would take the standard office shredder a month to finish.

Nashville mobile shredding serviceIf your business requires regular shredding services, locked bins are placed in your office for free to collect your papers in. A shredding professional will collect your secure documents from the bins and shred them in a mobile shredding truck. 

Standard trucks shred 6,000 pounds an hour so most jobs only take a few minutes. You can watch the shredding for extra reassurance or just hand off your files to be shredded while you go about normal business. When the job is complete you will receive a certificate of destruction detailing the process and verifying that it was done completely and safely.

Mobile Shredding in Nashville

STEP 1: Collect the materials you need to have shredded.

STEP 2: Your documents are shredded into a sealed compartment in the back of the truck. You can witness the process if desired.

STEP 3: A certificate of destruction is provided.

STEP 4: The shredded paper is compacted and recycled.

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